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Our approach is to help you create a lasting impression on your clients which will translate in a profitable business model. Matteo has successfully collaborated with some of Sydney's best restaurants and cafes to improve their offerings and streamline their productivity, staff efficiency and profitability. Visit the Consulting page to see some of the businesses that Matteo worked with.

Our services include:

  • Menu design

  • Recipe development

  • Sourcing kitchen equipment

  • Sourcing plateware 

  • Kitchen design

  • Staff training

  • Products and suppliers sourcing

  • Food safety and compliance


private chef

Thanks to Matteo's extensive fine dining knowledge, we can provide you with a unique chef at home restaurant experience .

A professional chef for your private event.

How does it work?

  • Send your enquiry via the book page

  • We get back to you with options for the menu

  • Once we agree on the details and the service is paid, your booking is confirmed  

  • Enjoy a memorable experience


Minimum charges apply

What does the service include? 

Private chef

private chef for function

private chef for functions



private dining 

cocktail parties


We specialise in providing exceptional quality food to match the style of your event.

Matteo's fine dining background allow us to deliver an attentive, professional and dedicated experience that will certainly impress your guests. Visit the collaborations page to see some of the brands that Matteo worked with.

What we do:

  • Virtual cooking classes

  • In person cooking classes

  • Kitchen equipment demonstrations

  • Team bonding cooking

  • Showroom guest and VIP parties

  • Product launches

  • Corporate events

  • Birthday parties

  • Cocktail parties​

  • Catering services 

  • Special celebration parties

cooking events

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